Put on the Full Armor of God

RISE AND SHINE––Put on the Full Armor of God is an enlightening and encouraging sermon series  delivered by Andy Cantrell. These lessons were delivered for a Fall sermon series November 4–7, 2018 at the J street Church of Christ in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Armor of God 1

Armor of God 2

Armor of God 3

Armor of God 4

Armor of God 5

Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Three lessons on the life of Joseph from a sermon series called: Walking with God Through Suffering. Joseph is an example for us on how to handle suffering, adversity and discouragement.

Joseph–Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement (Genesis 37)

Joseph–Transformed Through Suffering (Genesis 42–45)

Joseph–Choosing a Heart of Forgiveness Rather than Bitterness (Genesis 50:20)


But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. (Genesis 50:20)

A note of thanks to brother David Banning for his thought provoking lessons that encouraged me to study the life Joseph.

GENESIS: In the Beginning

Genesis Sermon Series Part 1 of 2

Pt. 1: In the Beginning – Genesis 1–11
Pt. 2: A New Beginning – Genesis 12–50

1. In the Beginning (Genesis 1)

2. Creation of the Universe (Genesis 1)

3. Creation of Man and Woman (Genesis 2)

4. Temptation & Tragedy (Genesis 3)

5. Penalty & Remedy of Sin (Genesis 3)

6. God’s Intelligent Design of Creation (Genesis 1-3)

7. God’s Intelligent Design of Life (Genesis 1-3)

8. The Answer to Our Deepest Questions is God (Genesis 1-3)

9. God is Creator, Ruler and Redeemer  (Genesis 1-3)

10. Cain & Abel – Decision Determines Destination (Genesis 4)

11. The Lost World (Genesis 5)

12. In the Days of Noah (Genesis 6)

13. Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6-7)

14. World-Wide Evidence of a Wold-Wide Flood (Genesis 7)

15. A New Beginning (Genesis 8) no audio available

16. What Happened at the Tower of Babel? (Genesis 11)


GENESIS: A New Beginning

Genesis Sermon Series Part 2 of 2

Pt. 1: In the Beginning – Genesis 1–11
Pt. 2: A New Beginning – Genesis 12–50

audio coming soon…

17. Abraham–The Journey of Faith (Genesis 12)

18. Abraham–When Our Faith is Tested (Genesis 12)

19. Abraham & Lot–Life Choices (Genesis 13)

20. Abraham–Giving God the Glory (Genesis 14)

21. Abraham–Where Do You Put Your Trust? (Genesis 15)

22. Abraham–Learning to Wait on the Lord (Genesis 16)

23. Abraham–Becoming a Friend of God (Genesis 18)

24. Fire From Heaven (Genesis 19)

25. Abraham–Failure & Fulfillment (Genesis 20)

26. Conflict, Choices, Consequences (Genesis 21)

27. The Greatest Test of All (Genesis 22)

28. Finding a Bride for Isaac (Genesis 24)

29. Lessons From the Life of Abraham (Genesis 25)

30. Don’t Sell Your Birthright (Genesis 25)

To be continued…

Encountering the Real Jesus

Ben Hall delivered a series of lessons for our Fall Gospel Meeting on encountering the Real Jesus: understanding who Jesus is to transform who we are. Ben preaches at the Embry Hills church of Christ in Atlanta, GA.

Who is the Real Jesus?

Jesus and the Religious

Jesus and the Believers

Jesus and the Resurrection

Jesus and His Cross