Built on Solid Rock 7 – KINGDOM

God’s Eternal Purpose for an Eternal Kingdom

Genesis reveals how the world began. Revelation reveals how the world will end. Between Genesis and Revelation we see God’s eternal plan unfolding. History is not just a series of random events with no meaning–History is moving toward an Apex Event: The End… and a New Beginning! A New Heavens and a New Earth Where Righteousness Dwells. But here on this side of eternity is a tale of two kingdoms. 1–The kingdoms of men, of noise, of darkness (Mt. 4:8-9). 2–The kingdom of God, light, love (Mt 4:17). See CHART below: AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Eternal Kingdom

Built on Solid Rock 6 – RESURRECTION

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a Paradigm-Shattering Historical Event

• They Thought They Had Planned the Perfect Murder –The fake High Priest planned the perfect murder of the True High Priest.
• They Thought They Had the Perfect Plan–Judas a disciple of Jesus would betray Him at night and avoid a riot from crowds.
• They Thought They Had the Perfect Set-up–Forcing Pilate to condemn Jesus for Treason against Rome.
• They Thought they had the Perfect Cover-Up–They Didn’t Realize, it wasn’t really Jesus on Trial–by condemning Jesus they were condemning themselves.

Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world–Then made alive from the dead–so we can be made alive forever with Him. AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Resurrection Reality

Part 6 of a sermon series: Built on Solid Rock: The Bible Big Picture of Reality.

Built on Solid Rock 5 – CROSS

Why did Jesus have to die?

To understand what the gospel good news is we must understand who Jesus is, and what He accomplished at the cross. On a rugged hill outside the walls of Jerusalem, the wrath of God and the love of God are revealed. AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Part 5 of a sermon series: Built on Solid Rock: The Bible Big Picture of Reality.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

ROMANS – Paid in Full

Why the Gospel is Such Good News!

Rome was the most powerful city in the world––but Paul didn’t send this letter to:

• The Emperor of Rome –– The good news of Salvation is not in Government…
• Nor the Senate, or Courts of Law –– Salvation is not in the Courts of Law
• Or the Philosophers, or Rich or Powerful –– Salvation is Not in Man’s Wisdom!
• This Message is TO THE CHURCH! –– The Kingdom of God, the Pillar & Ground of Truth.

Rome also worshipped POWER, but Paul reveals a power greater than world empires, The Gospel is the POWER OF GOD to Save Humanity. And This Paragraph is the Heart of Romans––the Heart of the Gospel (Romans 3:21–26).
NOTE: Audio from Sunday’s sermon, video is a pre-recorded version.

Sermon for August 2, 2020 – AUDIO | TEXT PDF

ROMANS–Paid in Full