Built on Solid Rock 6 – RESURRECTION

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a Paradigm-Shattering Historical Event

• They Thought They Had Planned the Perfect Murder –The fake High Priest planned the perfect murder of the True High Priest.
• They Thought They Had the Perfect Plan–Judas a disciple of Jesus would betray Him at night and avoid a riot from crowds.
• They Thought They Had the Perfect Set-up–Forcing Pilate to condemn Jesus for Treason against Rome.
• They Thought they had the Perfect Cover-Up–They Didn’t Realize, it wasn’t really Jesus on Trial–by condemning Jesus they were condemning themselves.

Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world–Then made alive from the dead–so we can be made alive forever with Him. AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Resurrection Reality

Part 6 of a sermon series: Built on Solid Rock: The Bible Big Picture of Reality.

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