LUKE | The Newborn King

Text: Luke 2:1-7. The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem fulfilled a centuries old prophecy of the birthplace of the messiah. Even the most powerful man in the world, the emperor of Rome, is under the authority and providence of God.
It was a decree from Augustus Caesar that brought Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem and fulfilled one of over 300 prophesies of Jesus. The Emperor of Rome Unconsciously Obeyed the Will of God! So by decree of the Emperor, the whole world was moved to bring about the fulfillment of one prophesy: The Birthplace of the Messiah! God Moved Heaven and Earth for Jesus to be born…
in the very village God said He would be born! | AUDIO | TEXT PDF

LUKE | A Prophet is Promised

Text: Luke 1:5–25. Much of history is written about Kings and Generals, the Wealthy and the Mighty, the Rich and Powerful of the World. But in this account we see God is not working through Caesars or Herods but through a humble elderly couple in the far reaches of the Roman Empire. Four hundred years of silence is broken by a message from the Angel Gabriel. | AUDIO | TEXT PDF