Wisdom for a Balanced Life

Grounded in the truth of God rather than the extremes of self

God desires that we have wisdom from above. Wisdom for better choices which provide a better life. Wisdom to make us stronger, to be able to handle the storms of life. Wisdom to give us a balanced life, grounded in the truth of God rather than the extremes of self. | AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Wisdom for a Balanced Life

Doors that Lead to Despair

Solomon is slamming every door except the door of faith

Solomon had won the lottery of life… He had more money, riches, power, wisdom and wives than anyone in the ancient world. And Yet Solomon had everything except the one thing he wanted– true joy and happiness.

This led Solomon to a realization, that all the Power, Popularity, Prestige, Pleasure, Possessions––Don’t Last or bring true joy. He realized That Nothing Can Fill the God-shaped void in man’s heart except God Himself! | AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Doors that lead to Despair

Wisdom for True Worship

How to Guard Against Insincere Worship

The Bible gives us God’s Wisdom for the Storms of Life…
A huge reason why we need wisdom is because we live in a broken world. Ecclesiastes 5 gives us wisdom for how to live by faith–even while in a broken world, by having: 1) A proper attitude toward God. 2) A proper attitude toward power and the influence of others. 3) A proper attitude toward wealth and money. 4) A proper attitude toward life.
Solomon begins with God first, because having a proper attitude toward God first, will gives us a proper perspective on everything else in life. | AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Wisdom for True Worship