Faith to Touch the Hem of His Garment

The Power and Compassion of Christ (Luke 8:41-48)

Sermon for May 24, 2020. Thank you for joining this sermon series on the Miracles of Jesus. This is week 9 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus quarantine. I pray that you are safe and healthy and that we will weather this storm by trusting in God who is in control.

It Has Been Said, that Jesus Broke Up Every Funeral He Ever Attended!
And He’s on His way to breaking up another funeral! Jarius’ daughter is dying––and by the time Jesus arrives, she has already died. But Jesus will not let death have the last say.

Over and over in the life of Christ we see Him restoring what was lost in the paradise Garden of Eden. Sin entered the garden, and with sin came separation from God:
• God is Life –– separation from God brings disease and death.
• God is Light –– separation from God brings darkness.
• God is love –– separation from God brings hatred, violence, division into the world.

But Jesus brings Life, Light and Love –– into this broken world. And on His way to raising Jarius’ daughter, something extraordinary happens!


Faith to Touch the Hem of His Garment
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