Raising Jarius’ Daughter

‘Do not be afraid, only believe’

Sermon for May 31st, 2020. Lessons 13 in a series on the Miracles of Jesus.

In Luke 8:41-56 We See Two Very Different People––Seeking the Same Savior.

  • Jarius had twelve years of sunshine that were about to be extinguished –– This woman had twelve years of agony that seemed hopeless to heal.
  • Jarius was an important man, the ruler of the synagogue ––The woman was a nobody, lost in the crowd.
  • Jarius was a successful man & probably had money –– The woman was poor because she spent all her money on doctors.
  • Jarius came publicly, but his daughter was raised secretly––The woman came secretly, but was healed publicly.

They were very different but had 3 things in common:
1. They Had Tried Everything Else –– Nothing Worked…
2. In Desperation They Went to Christ in Faith…
3. Jesus Responded to them Personally…


Raising Jarius’ Daughter
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