The Miraculous Catch of Fish

Faith to Trust God Even When Things Seem Hopeless

We are living in a season of worry and isolation. A time of uncertainty, insecurity, confusion. This is a Faith Test for all of us…
In a number of Jesus’ miracles––Jesus used the situation as a faith test. For example, when He asked Phillip, where will we be able to buy bread for all these people? Philip began doing mental calculations and said even a half a years worth of wages could only give everyone a single bite! But Jesus asked him this to test him, because Jesus already knew what He would do.
Here Jesus asks Peter to launch into the deep and let down the nets, knowing they had worked all night and caught nothing!
True FAITH is Trusting in the Power of God’s Word––Even When things Seem Hopeless!

Sermon for August 23, 2020 – AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Miraculous Catch of Fish
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