Forgive One Another

As Christ Has Forgiven You

The subject of forgiveness is both uncomfortable as well as powerful. Forgiveness has the power to change a person’s life for eternity. There are over 75 word pictures in Scripture of forgiveness.
–To Forgive is to turn the key, open the cell door and let the prisoner go free.
–To Forgive is to loose the anchor and set the ship free to sail.
–To Forgive is to give a full pardon to a condemned and sentenced criminal.
–To Forgive is to loosen a stranglehold on an opponent.
–To Forgive is to pound the gavel in a court room and declare ‘Not Guilty’.
In this lesson we examine the what, why and how of forgiving one another.

Sermon pre-recorded for Sunday 10/27/20 AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Forgive One Another
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