The God of Truth

The One True God is the God of Truth

Why is there a never ending effort to discredit the Bible? Why is the Bible banned in communist countries? Why is a book so dangerous? Why is the Church a threat to godless governments? Why are Christians put in prison?
Because Truth is a threat. It can topple kings and overthrow nations. Truth causes panic among hypocrites, it keeps powerful people awake at night. Truth causes guilt, which results in mental and emotional breakdowns. Truth puts criminals in prison. Truth is power!

“The Truth it is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it.
Let it loose, it will defend itself.”


Since Truth is a divine attribute of God we can know that God’s word and His promises are true. We can know the truth and the truth can set us free. Let’s examine this powerful attribute of God––Truth.

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The God of Truth
The God of Truth
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