The Invisible War

Understanding the Invisible War and How to Win the War Within

Sermon Series: The Invisible War. This is a new focus of study on the spiritual war for our minds and souls.

“We have found all the questions that can be found. It is time we stopped looking for questions and started looking for answers.”

–G.K Chesterton

We all have questions––especially after the year we just went through! Questions are good––when they cause us to search for the answers. Questions are not good when used as an excuse to avoid the answers we don’t want. Aristotle wrote: “All men by nature desire to know.” We desire to know the truth.

The title of the last book of the Bible is taken from the Greek word: Apocalypse. The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ: Translated ‘Revelation.’ Apokalypsis: means “to uncover, to draw back the veil of what was previously hidden.” Revelation Pulls Back the Veil and Uncovers the Reality Behind History. An Invisible War We Would Not Have Known About––Except By Supernatural Revelation––given to the last living Apostle, banished to the Alcatraz of the Ancient World: Island of Patmos…

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The Invisible War
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