The Faith of Job

Series: THE INVISIBLE WAR – The Bible does not hesitate to describe the Invisible War that wages in the spiritual as well as the physical realm. We see the beginning of this invisible war as early as Genesis 3, and further described in the book of Job. Job is afflicted with unspeakable suffering, and although he asks God why, he is never given the answer––he must endure with FAITH.

Although Job Never Realized the Source of His Suffering––we do! God pulls back the veil so we can see that the suffering Job experienced was a Satanic Attack. Job’s friends were wrong: Job’s suffering was not a result of Secret Sin, or a Rebellious Attitude, or from Job asking God–Why? Job’s Suffering Was a Satanic Attack, that God Allowed, to show All the World, for All Time, for Angels and Men, that Job was faithful to God even under the worst circumstances, while Satan refused to be faithful even under the best circumstances.

The Faith of Job pt. 1 8/1/21 AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Faith of Job pt 1
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