Devices of Satan: Accusation

How to Detect and Defeat the Devices of the Devil

Series: THE INVISIBLE WAR. Nowhere but the Bible can we see a glimpse behind the veil into spiritual realm. Where we can see spiritual beings patrolling the earth, and reporting back to God (Zechariah 1:7–11). Where we can see the High Priest standing before the Lord on behalf of the people (Zechariah 3:1-2). Where we can see Satan standing at his right hand accusing him.

Not only does Satan use temptation, he also uses accusation. When Satan tempts us to sin he whispers, “you can get away with this.” But then after we sin, he shouts, “You’ll Never Get Away With This!” Thankfully, we have an Advocate who intercedes for His people (1 John 2:1). AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Devises of Satan: Accusation
CHART: Adapted – Warren Wiersbe, The Strategy of Satan, p.85, 1979
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