The Christian’s Armor – part 1

“A gulf has opened up in our culture between the visibility of evil and the intellectual resources available for coping with it” –Andrew Deblanco, Columbia University.

Since secular society rejects the notion of Good or Evil–everything has to be explained in terms of social or psychological forces. However, “As the twentieth century has gone on, it has gotten harder and harder to say holocausts and ethnic cleansing and serial killing are just bad psychological and sociological adjustment… [the argument] that all evil has natural causes, scientific causes, psychological, social causes, is wearing thin.” – Andrew Delbanco: ‘The Death of Satan.’

The Bible is very blunt about the fact that we have a spiritual enemy. But our response to this usually falls into two extremes: 1) We either place too much emphasis on the enemy and his powers with an unhealthy interest. 2) Or we completely ignore the fact that we have an enemy and ignore the spiritual battle. Both Extremes Are Harmful. The Bible commands us to, ‘Put on the whole Armor of God that you may withstand the schemes of the devil.’ | AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Christian’s Armor
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