The Christian’s Armor – part 3

Put on the whole armor of God to stand against the schemes of the devil

When fighting a war, it helps to know who the actual enemy is. Asymmetrical warfare is designed to confuse a nation’s defenses so they don’t know who the enemy is until it’s too late. False-Flag operations, like a computer virus that disables a weapons system–but leaves the digital fingerprints of a different Nation-State; Or terrorist attacks or assassinations that leave no obvious trace to the true attackers.
Our Enemy uses any tactic to deceive: Lies, False-Flags, False-Fronts, False-Teachers, False-Doctrines, Propaganda, Deception, Transference, Blame, Control. But God has equipped us with Spiritual Armor because our Battle is a Spiritual Battle. AUDIO | TEXT PDF

Armor of God part 3
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