The Light of the World

There are two competing belief systems––from the world and from God. In the world’s belief system, your self worth is determined by your performance and what others think about you. However, with God, your self worth is not based on your success or failure or what others think about you––it is based on the truth of God’s love and purpose. This is why so many people who live for other’s acceptance, die by their rejection.
We are introduced to a man born blind in John chapter 9. And before it’s all over, he will be rejected by his parents, mocked and scorned by the powerful Pharisees, and yet he defends Jesus Christ against their attacks! In other words: In the End He Doesn’t Need the Acceptance of his Parents or Approval of the Pharisees, Because Jesus Had Opened His Eyes.

Sermon for Sunday, July 26, 2020 – AUDIO | TEXT PDF

The Light of the World
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