ROMANS – Paid in Full

Why the Gospel is Such Good News!

Rome was the most powerful city in the world––but Paul didn’t send this letter to:

• The Emperor of Rome –– The good news of Salvation is not in Government…
• Nor the Senate, or Courts of Law –– Salvation is not in the Courts of Law
• Or the Philosophers, or Rich or Powerful –– Salvation is Not in Man’s Wisdom!
• This Message is TO THE CHURCH! –– The Kingdom of God, the Pillar & Ground of Truth.

Rome also worshipped POWER, but Paul reveals a power greater than world empires, The Gospel is the POWER OF GOD to Save Humanity. And This Paragraph is the Heart of Romans––the Heart of the Gospel (Romans 3:21–26).
NOTE: Audio from Sunday’s sermon, video is a pre-recorded version.

Sermon for August 2, 2020 – AUDIO | TEXT PDF

ROMANS–Paid in Full
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